Techniques for the Midline Cerebellum

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Lesson Plan

This video will continue to discuss two techniques that can be used following the Sharpened Romberg assessment to stimulate the cerebellum in more detail. We recommend watching ‘Assessing the Midline Cerebellum’ first.

Duration: 9 minutes

Course Instructor

John Campione, DC John Campione, DC

Dr. John Campione is a Chiropractic Physician from Warrenville, IL. He is a graduate of the National University of Health Sciences receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2010. Dr. Campione received a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the West Virginia University School of Medicine. Dr. Campione is board certified in Physiotherapy in the state of Illinois specializing in physical rehabilitation using a blend of chiropractic manipulative therapy, soft tissue manipulation and corrective exercises to treat ailments of the human neuromusculoskeletel system. He has post-graduate education in acupuncture, strength and conditioning with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, corrective exercise with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, RockTape, Functional Movement Systems, Applied Movement Neurology, Active Release Technique, and kettlebell training with the World Kettlebell Club. He is also an instructor for RockTape teaching kinesiology taping and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation.

Techniques for the Midline Cerebellum