Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tests and Shoulder Mobilization Techniques

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Lesson Plan

In this course we examine the Rotator Cuff and review the importance of medical screening for visceral pathology that may influence the shoulder. Various clinical tests and screening tools are provided to assist you in determining which test is most helpful in determining dysfunction and/or injury. The 2nd part of this course demonstrates shoulder mobilization techniques and Joint Mobilization Evidence. The use of the Mobil-Aider device is demonstrated as a tool for evaluations. Indications, contraindications and dosing is discussed as well.

Objectives Part 1 Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tests

  • Review the importance of medical screening for visceral pathology that may influence the shoulder
  • Integrate critical analysis of current professional literature in the selection of clinical tests for the diagnosis of rotator cuff pathology
  • Describe the clustering of tests to enhance the likelihood of diagnostic accuracy
  • Differentiate between the use of tests for screening vs. tests to incriminate specific rotator cuff musculature
  • Recognize the nuances of changes in testing techniques & how they can influence outcomes

Objectives Part 2 Shoulder Mobilization Techniques

  • Review the indications and contraindications for joint mobilizations
  • Identify the appropriate grade of mobilization for a given outcome measure
  • Describe the structure to be stabilized and the angle of mobilization for each technique discussed
  • Restate the importance of consistent and quantifiable joint mobilizations
  • Reiterate the algorithm for dosing Joint Mobilizations

Target Audience: Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapy, Doctor of Chiropractic, Occupational Therapy A quiz is provided at the end of each lesson. You can stop and start the course at any time. Course access: Lifetime
Disclosure: CEO of DTG Enterprises, the owner of the IP of the mobile app iOrtho+ CEO of Therapeutic Articulations, the inventor of the Mobil-Aider Receives compensation for book publications from FA Davis Receives compensation for numerous continuing education companies for courses & webinars including this course Course Content: This course will discuss the use of the Mobil-Aider device, the course is for education purpose only and not designed to sell or promote the device.

No supplies required, no prerequisites needed

Shoulder Rotator Cuff  Tests (1 hour)
Introduction, objectives – 2 min Identifying the injury, screening tools 8 min
Diagnostic Techniques – 5 min ACL Injury / screenings – 22 min
Posterior Cruciate Ligament / screenings – 5 min
Meniscal Injury / screenings – 17 min Quiz

Shoulder Mobilizations – (1 hour)
Introduction, objectives – 2 min
Indications for Joint Mobilizations, Contraindications – 3 min
Movement Impairment Algorithm – 5 min
Effect of Joint Mobilization – 5 min
Evidence for JM – 5 min
Mobil-Aider – 5 min
Joint Mobilization Techniques and Evidence for JM – 35 min
Quiz For CE Credit is quiz is provided at the end of the course.

For CE Credit is quiz with 10 questions is provided at the end of the course. You have 3 attempts, 1 hour and need a score of 75% to receive a certificate.

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Course Instructor

Dawn Gulick, PT Dawn Gulick, PT

Dawn T. Gulick, PhD, PT, AT, CSCS, is a Professor of Physical Therapy. Her areas of expertise are orthopedics, sports medicine, modalities, and medical screening. As a clinician, she has owned a private orthopedic/sports medicine practice. She also provides athletic training services from the middle school to elite Olympic/Paralympic level. As a member of the Olympic Sports Medicine Society, Dr. Gulick has provided medical coverage at numerous national and international events. As a scholar, Dr. Gulick is the author of 4 books (Ortho Notes, Screening Notes, Sport Notes, Mobilization Notes), 4 book chapters, > 60 peer-reviewed publications, and > 100 professional and civic presentations. OrthoNotes is in the 4th edition and has been translated into multiple languages. Dr. Gulick is the developer of a mobile app called iOrtho+ (Apple, Android, & desktop versions). Her app has been downloaded over 160K times around the world. She currently has a utility patent pending for an orthopedic medical device (Mobil-Aider) that is FDA cleared. Dr. Gulick has served, and held leadership roles, on numerous committees over her 25 years in academia. Dr. Gulick earned a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Lock Haven University (Lock Haven, PA), a Master of Physical Therapy from Emory University (Atlanta, GA), and a Doctorate in Exercise Physiology from Temple University (Philadelphia, PA). She is an AMBUCS scholar and a member of Phi Kappa Phi (past chapter president) and Kappa Delta Pi Honor Societies.

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tests and Shoulder Mobilization Techniques