Rehabilitation Considerations for Whiplash Associated Disorder and Concussion

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Lesson Plan


Learning objectives:

  • Define Motor Control and Motor Learning and what the current literature suggests for maximizing performance and retention
  • Give options for observing and treating Motor Control issues involved in WAD and Concussion
  • Discuss considerations for reducing visual dominated exercise during rehabilitation progressions

Duration: 61 minutes


Eric Dinkins, PTEric Dinkins, PT

Eric is a graduate from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Physical Therapy program and has been practicing since 2001. He is a Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedics through the American Physical Therapy Association and has a post-graduate diploma in Manipulative Therapy. He is current part of the teaching faculty for Select Medical, Northeast Seminars, Herman and Wallace, Motion Guidance LLC, and is a credentialed instructor with the Mulligan Concept Teachers Association. Eric is part of the ownership team of Motion Guidance, LLC, a rehabilitation company that developed visual feedback tools for assessing and treating clients.

Rehabilitation Considerations for Whiplash Associated Disorder and Concussion