Proper Coding and Billing for Active Care

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Lesson Plan

Updated February 2020!

Confused about billing and coding of active care services, time requirements or proper documentation? Watch our webinar with Sam Collins of HJ Ross Chiropractic Insurance Network to get all your questions answered.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why active care protocols are considered gold standard
  • What major insurance carries expect your care plan and the role of active care for neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis
  • Understanding the difference and nuance of the active care codes 97110, 97112, 97530, and 97150.
  • Compliant documentation of each service
  • 8-minute role of timed services CMS definition and AMA definition and who uses each as they are different

Duration: 36 minutes


Sam CollinsSam Collins

Sam is a nationally recognized expert on insurance and has created and taught continuing education seminars throughout the United States for the past 17 years. As the head speaker for HJ Ross Company he regularly educates on coding, billing and documentation compliance.

Proper Coding and Billing for Active Care