Treatment Patterns for Bicycling Overuse Injuries

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This webinar will describe rationale for preferred treatment patterns for treating bicyclists with bicycle related overuse injuries. This webinar will overview the origins of typical bike related overuse injuries and their most efficient treatment interventions.

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  • Define who are bicyclists and typical bicycle related injuries
  • Discuss effective treatment of bicyclists with overuse injuries
  • Identify how do I ready my office for treating bicyclists
  • Describe effective evaluative approaches for bicyclists with overuse injuries
  • Demonstrate how a bicyclist can best adapt for the action of bicycling

Duration: 50 minutes


Erik Moen, PTErik Moen, PT

Erik is the owner of BikePT and Corpore Sano Physical Therapy in Kenmore WA. He has been teaching bicycle related physical therapy classes since 1993. Erik graduated from Pacific Lutheran University and received his PT degree from the University of Washington. Erik is an American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Member, the current PTWA Chapter President, a member of the Sports and Private Practice Section and the North American Spine Society (NASS), and the USA & UCI Paracycling Classifier. Erik is also a past bicycle racing coach and racer in multiple disciplines.

Preferred Treatment Patterns for Bicycling Overuse Injuries