Orthotics and Exercises for Foot Function and Rehabilitation

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Foot strengthening exercises can work with foot orthotic prescriptions to provide a stronger foundation for your patients. Get insights from Dr. Stu Currie on how to utilize foot strengthening protocols in concert with orthotics when necessary, to help your patients get the most from their feet.

Learn easy practical solutions for patients and clients:

  • Restate clinical decision-making tips for different foot exercise protocols.
  • Discuss how to implement evidenced-based foot exercises.
  • List exercises and treatments that help with orthotic accommodation.
  • Discuss the use of prefabricated orthotics, custom orthotics, and exercises in the management of common foot ailments.

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Webinar Recording Duration: 50 minutes

Course Instructor

Stu Currie, PhD, DC Stu Currie, PhD, DC

Dr. Currie is a chiropractor and a PhD in bioengineering with a focus on biomechanics and human movement. He is the owner of MojoFeet - a foot orthotic laboratory - performs research at the Human Dynamics Laboratory at the University of Denver, and maintains a clinical practice. His areas of expertise include spine, feet, and lower extremity biomechanics. He applied engineering concepts to the human body, combining his research and clinical knowledge with the goal of improving health by helping people move.

Orthotics and Exercises – Partners in Foot Rehab Course