New Year. New Opportunity for Growth and Make a Greater IMPACT!

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Lesson Plan

The calendar gives us a great opportunity to make a greater IMPACT on the health of your patients, as well as an opportunity for referrals and growth.  Health-related New Year resolutions are the most common resolutions.  When we align with the general consciousness and desires that are already in the minds of your patients, creating an opportunity to meet those desires will give almost automatic results.

Learning Objectives:

  • A PROVEN Marketing strategy that has been very successful for MANY docs and teams in my coaching group, Elite Coaching, year after year.
  • Exactly HOW to create momentum and engagement from your patients.
  • The steps to create and theme and event that will bring you referrals.
  • How to set up programs of care that will guide them through 2024 and into 2025.

This will be a great experience and open your mind to a new possibility.  See you there!

Yours in health and LIFESTYLE Purpose!

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Course Instructor

Fred DiDomenico, DC Fred DiDomenico, DC

Dr. Fred DiDomenico graduated Chiropractic School in 1987. In the next 14 years of practice, he led 1000’s of patients and families into an optimal spine/optimal health lifestyle of corrective chiropractic. He was fulfilling his soul and life purpose being a health care provider, teacher, inspirer and healer. He then felt an urge, a bigger purpose, to move beyond practice and help chiropractors fulfill their purpose, serve, and help more people live a healthy, exceptional life with chiropractic. He started Elite Chiropractic Coaching, a chiropractic coaching group training doctors the communication, team training, leadership and business skills to become exceptional to help them and their patients live a healthy fulfilling, purpose-driven life. Dr. Fred and the Elite Coaches help spinal corrective doctors build 90% LIFESTYLE CULTURES that gives you sustainability, profitability and freedom. He has influenced over 1 million patients around the world through the doctors, presentations and online videos and his book, “Back To Health,” written for patients that shows up to date, top medical research that supports the relationship between spinal structure, nervous system function, disability, disease and a shortened life span. It is the most influential, powerful chiropractic tool to create LIFESTYLE mindset and patients ever created!

New Year. New Opportunity for Growth and Make a Greater IMPACT!