New Evolution In Movement & RTSport Testing Post ACLR

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Lesson Plan

There are >250,000 ACL injuries in the US every year resulting in ~$5B health care cost (AAOSM Annual Conference 2016).  With only 63% returning to sport (Webster et al Am J Sport Med 2019) and 1 in 4 youths reinjuring upon return to sport “RTSport” (Wiggins et al Am J Sports Med 2016), having some form of objective measure to make informed RTSport decisions should be a priority for sports medicine clinicians and strength and conditioning specialists.  Some of the current “gold standard” go tos for making return to sport decisions have been shown to be highly inaccurate and are not capable of capturing the movements associated with risk (Faltstrom et al Am J Sport Med 2021; Kotsifaki et al Am J Sport Med 2022).  Studies show majority of ACLR athletes return to sport with faulty movement patterns that put them at risk and that these persist 2 years post (King et al Am J Sport Med 2019; Ithurburn Am J Sport Med 2019).  If we had better testing that could be leveraged throughout rehab, this might aid clinicians impacting these movements better.

The ViMove+ AMI is a new evolution in movement assessment.  Leveraging wearable sensors that capture movement within 2% of a Vicon system, the ViMove+ AMI provides clinicians, strength coaches and physicians with lab quality data in 15 min.  This allows all the key stakeholders to make more informed clinical decisions when returning athletes to sport following ACLR.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the current research on ACL injuries
  • Review of the latest research on RTSport testing
  • Discuss current research highlighting flaws in current RTSport testing
  • Discuss the use of IMUs and 3D motion capture
  • Review how the data can drive better programming to impact movement

Webinar Replay

Course Instructor

Trent Nessler, DPT Trent Nessler, DPT

Trent is the National Director of Sports Innovation for Select Medical and the founder | developer of the ViPerform AMI™ & ViPerform AMI™ RTSport. Trent holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology, a masters in physical therapy, and a doctorate with a focus in biomechanics and motor learning. The ViPerform AMI™ (Athletic Movement Index™), a computerized 3D movement analysis system that uses wearable sensor technology (dorsaVi™) to provide lab quality biomechanical data to assess movement patterns know to put athletes at risk for non-contact injuries. The ViPerform AMI™ has been used to assess >18,000 athletes by 375+ clinics, performance centers, professional teams and physicians throughout the US. Dr. Nessler is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt and nationally ranked BJJ competitor.

New Evolution In Movement & RTSport Testing Post ACLR