Lasers and Neuroinflammation: Biophysics and Treatment Guidelines

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Lesson Plan

In this one hour presentation we give the Doctor of Chiropractic a working knowledge of Laser biophysics and its effects on human tissue.  We will teach the Chiropractor on proper laser treatment guidelines so they can incorporate it into their practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Teach a clear understanding of energy photons and the interaction with human tissue.
  • Describe laser biophysics and the physiological changes they make.
  • Identify the functional and structural effects of laser photons on tissue.
  • Present targets unique to brain disorders.
  • Provide treatment guidelines for laser.

Course Instructor

Dr. Nelson Marquina Dr. Nelson Marquina

Nelson Marquina, MSc, PhD, DC • Chief Science Officer - Laser Biotech International • Former senior scientist at NASA/Johnson Space Center • Former manager, AI Laboratory, GE • Former professor of engineering and biophysics: University of Houston, University of Minnesota, University of Rhode Island, and Virginia State University • Former director of research at Logan University • Training doctors in the USA, Japan, China, Australia,...• PhD in electrical and systems engineering • MSc in biomathematics and statistics • Doctor of chiropractic medicine

Lasers and Neuroinflammation: Biophysics and Treatment Guidelines