Innovative Strategies for Common Foot Dysfunctions

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Lesson Plan

Learn how to identify lower limb pathologies and how to successfully treat the resultant pain syndromes that may occur.  Mobilization, stabilization and corrective exercise strategies will be implemented.

Learn easy practical solutions for patients and clients:

  • Discuss the biomechanics of rigid cavus feet, tibial torsions, tibial varum, hallux rigidus
  • Learn the most common foot pathologies that may result
  • Discuss mobilization and stabilization techniques to improve foot function
  • Implement corrective exercise strategies to successfully treat these pathologies

Duration: 50 minutes


Courtney Conely, DCCourtney Conely, DC

Dr. Conley graduated Magna Cum Laude from the National University of Health Sciences with a Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2003. She also holds a B.S in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of Maryland. Dr. Conley currently owns and operates Total Health Solutions in 2 locations Golden, Colorado and Lakewood, Colorado. Dr. Conley specializes in working with endurance athletes improving function and performance. She particularly enjoys working with the triathlete and ultra distance running communities with a special interest in foot and gait biomechanics. Her extensive continuing education has been focused on foot assessment, lower extremity biomechanics, and gait analysis. She recently began doing virtual foot and gait consultations via in order to help people across the globe improve their foot and gait mechanics.

Innovative Strategies to Treat the Most Common Foot Dysfunctions Course