Impairment Rating for Chiropractors

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Lesson Plan

A basic medical legal overview of impairment, disability, apportionment and causation.

Know the difference between impairment, disability, and apportionment. Then be able to go to court or do a deposition to explain to others.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review what is an impairment.
  • Discuss what is disability.
  • Explain what is apportionment.
  • Learn what is causation.

Course Instructor

Dr. Christopher Connelly Dr. Christopher Connelly

Full time clinical practice since 1998. Over this time, I have treated over 20000+ trauma cases, 300,000+ patient visits and 2000+ cases as an expert for second opinions concerning impairment, disability, causation, billing reviews or independent evaluations. I have taught more than 50 seminars relating to causation, coding, mechanism of injury, patient care, MRI reading and injury diagnosis. I have served as chair for the insurance & ethics committee as well as on the board of directors for the Georgia Chiropractic Association (2014-2017). Written a book on traffic injury.

Impairment Rating for Chiropractors