GA Laws and Rules 2023

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Lesson Plan

Georgia Laws and Rules 2023 is a one hour presentation required by the State Board for every practicing DC in GA. This presentation will bring the Georgia Doctor of Chiropractic up to date on Board Rules and Scope of Practice issues that affect how they practice. Changes in pertinent laws and rules written by the State Board that affect the practicing Doctor of Chiropractic will be discussed along with common mistakes and violations will be covered and ways to avoid them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain recent changes in Exam Board Rules that govern their practice.
  • Inform the DC or common mistakes made in practice that result in disciplinary action by the board.
  • Discuss laws and rules of other professions that affect chiropractic practice.

Course Instructor

Dr. Mark Cotney Dr. Mark Cotney

Dr. Mark Cotney is a 1983 Palmer College graduate. He returned to his home state of Georgia to practice and has been there since. He served as Medicare chairperson for over 20 years for the GCA and on the Carrier Advisory Committee with Cigna, Cahaba and Palmetto, served on the Georgia Workers Compensation Advisory Committee for 12 years and served on the Georgia Board of Chiropractic for two terms. He is a founding partner in the Academy of Georgia Chiropractors and teaches Georgia Laws and Rules for other state associations.

GA Laws and Rules 2023