Fascial Treatment and Improving Joint Biomechanics Series

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Lesson Plan

This is the complete series of individual courses

Advanced Concepts in Patellofemoral Syndrom
LumboPelvo Femoral Complex: The Mobility Command Center of the Body
Addressing the 5 Joints of the Shoulder Complex
CervicoThoracic Dynamic Stability and Mobility
Fascial and Fluid Pumping to Improve Joint Biomechanics

Course Instructor

Jason Amstutz, DC Jason Amstutz, DC

Dr. Jason Amstutz has been teaching the intricacies of fascia and tensegrity in the clinical setting for 14 years. His extensive rehabilitative work with professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, PGA, LPGA, MLB, and NBA has stemmed from these revolutionary concepts. His complex understanding of the properties and anatomy of fascia and how it relates specifically to PFS will improve your practice and patient outcomes.