Fascia 101: Are you missing 50% of your Fascial Treatments?

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Lesson Plan

Fascia has been on the radar since the 1800s via Andrew Still and Osteopathy.  Now Fascia is the latest focus in rehab and the sports therapy world in the US.

While the the “trains” and “chains” are important in relational anatomy of the body, they are but 50% of the overall Fascia puzzle in your patients.

99% of therapists and doctors are missing this!  Join us for the physiology and stay for the application that is changing the outcomes at the highest level in ALL sports!

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain Fascia. What we know & What we are missing.
  • Discuss what we don’t see in Anatomy books.
  • Identify the Fluidic model of treatment and exercise.
  • Recall Global movement before segmental capabilities? No way!
  • Discuss Scapuloserratus and Serratothoracic joints.
  • Discuss what I’ve found to be the best way to address most injuries and biomechanical challenges.

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Introduction to Fascia – 10 min
Identify the Fluidic model of treatment and exercise – 20 min
Discuss Scapuloserratus and Serratothoracic joints – 15 min
Discuss best way to address most injuries and biomechanical changes with Q&A – 15 min

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Course Instructor

Jason Amstutz, DC Jason Amstutz, DC

Dr. Jason Amstutz has been teaching the intricacies of fascia and tensegrity in the clinical setting for 14 years. His extensive rehabilitative work with professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, PGA, LPGA, MLB, and NBA has stemmed from these revolutionary concepts. His complex understanding of the properties and anatomy of fascia and how it relates specifically to PFS will improve your practice and patient outcomes.

Fascia 101: Are you missing 50% of your Fascial Treatments?