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It can be easy to get stuck with the same movements and not fully integrate proper progressions and regressions for our patients and clients. By taking a simple exercise and changing postural positions, we can offer the nervous system endless input which can lead to improved outcomes over time. In this video we will demonstrate a simple set of progressions that will grow your exercise toolbox to help you challenge your patients appropriately while keeping things manageable for you as a clinician.

Learn easy practical solutions for patients and clients

  • Learn why proper progressions are important for your patients
  • Discover how making easy changes with postural position can have a large impact on patient outcomes
  • Fill your toolbox with endless exercise options

Duration: 15 minutes



Mitch Hauschildt MA, ATCMitch Hauschildt MA, ATC

Mitch Hauschildt, MA, ATC, CSCS serves as the Prevention, Rehab, and Physical Performance Coordinator for 17 sports at Missouri State University. His sports medicine background is diverse, also serving as the strength and conditioning coach for Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball and Volleyball during his time with at MSU. Prior to working in college athletics, Mitch trained athletes in the private sector of all ages and abilities. Mitch is also the founder and president of Maximum Training Solutions, a full service Sports Medicine and Sports Performance consultancy. Mitch is a noted speaker on both a regional and national level, and has been published multiple times in professional journals and coaching websites.

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