Evaluation & Treatment of the Scapula in Athletes

This presentation will discuss the scapula in three phases: evaluation, pathophysiology of abnormalities related to the scapula, and treatment options.


  • Understand how to effectively assess the scapula in athletes.
  • Get an overview of scapula abnormalities.
  • Learn exercise strategies to treat specific scapula abnormalities.
  • Learn new approaches & strategies to effectively manage this particular demographic.
  • Get insights into various treatment modalities and results.

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Kevin Wilk, DPTKevin Wilk, DPT

Dr. Kevin Wilk has lead a distinguished career as a clinical physical therapist for the past 33 years, as a leading authority in rehabilitation of sports injuries and orthopedic lesions. He has been significant contributions to laboratory research, biomechanical research and clinical outcome studies. Kevin Wilk has been a physical therapist, researcher and educator for over 32 years. Kevin is currently Associate Clinical Director for Champion Sports Medicine (a Select Medical Facility) in Birmingham, AL. In addition, he is the Director of Rehabilitative Research at the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham and is Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Physical Therapy Program at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. Kevin is also the Rehabilitation Consultant for the Tampa Bay Rays’ Baseball Team, and has worked with the Rays for 18 years. Kevin has worked with professional baseball for 29 years, and with the Rays since the organization started. Dr Wilk received his physical therapy from Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, IL., and his DPT from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of HealthCare Professions in Boston, MA.

Evaluation & Treatment of the Scapula in Athletes