Don’t lose revenue because you don’t know how to code or bill for telemedicine services

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Lesson Plan

In this course we will discuss the proper coding, billing, and documentation of telemedicine services for a doctor of chiropractic.

Telemedicine Objective & Outline:

1. Defining telemedicine and use for complementary providers
a. Types of telemedicine
b. Video- synchronous audio and video
c. Electronic portals via electronic health record or Email
d. Phone calls

2. Establishing patient relationship
a. Uses for established patients
b. Protocols for a new patient

a. Secure portals
b. Emergency relief for non-secure due to COVID-19

4. Coding
a. Evaluation and management
b. Online evaluation and management
c. Telephone calls
d. Place of service and modifiers indicators for telemedicine
e. 1500 claim format

5. Documentation
a. Proper documentation
b. Elements required
c. Time d. Relative units

6. Insurance coverage
a. State and federal rules b. Specific plan coverages

Course Instructor

Sam Collins Sam Collins

Sam is a nationally recognized expert on insurance and has created and taught continuing education seminars throughout the United States for the past 17 years. As the head speaker for HJ Ross Company he regularly educates on coding, billing and documentation compliance.

Don’t lose revenue because you don’t know how to code or bill for telemedicine services!