Demystifying Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

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Lesson Plan

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) is a new and exciting opportunity to finally get reimbursed for what you have been doing your entire career – providing patients with home exercise programs and tracking/monitoring their progress.  Utilizing the WebExercises platform, with RTM enabled, allows clinicians to quickly provide, track, monitor, and provide feedback to patients on home exercises.  Join us on this webinar to learn about what RTM is and how you can implement it into practice in just a few easy steps with WebExercises.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop home exercise programs that utilize and follow RTM guidelines set forth by Medicare and other commercial payers.
  2. Apply RTM codes and appropriate documentation standards in WebExercises to track patient progress outside the clinic.
  3. Understand the appropriate billing codes for RTM and apply them to appropriate patient cases.

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Course Instructor

Rick Daigle, DPT Rick Daigle, DPT

Rick graduated with his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Simmons University in 2006 and brings a wide range of experience as a clinician and educator. Rick is a Partner and Chief Clinical Officer for Verktyg, LLC, a therapy product company focusing on IASTM tools. He is also working on his Doctor of Education at the University of St. Augustine, emphasizing teaching and learning combined with educational leadership. Rick is passionate about teaching clinical excellence and helping foster student learning from a critical thinking and humanistic standpoint. Clinically, Rick is an orthopedic and sports medicine therapist with a broad background in clinical leadership. Rick and his wife Cassie reside in Oregon with their son Keegan and five rescue dogs.

Demystifying Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)