Coronavirus Chiropractic Practice Strategy

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Updated! This is the 5th webinar.
This webinar is a 1-hour session by Dr. Mark Studin on how to create a Telemedicine practice for your current patients, with billing opportunities during this crisis. He gives solutions, tools, and strategies on how to function in this new environment completely. Coding and billing are covered, along with elements needed for accurate billing. He also explains how to prepare for “opening day” and what necessary tools to consider to compete in the marketplace. This is a non-solicitous event explicitly done for his doctors, and he is sharing it with the profession.

“As we stand at this crossroads of history in these unprecedented times, together we will emerge stronger than before. What you do now, will determine how strong you will be. You are in control and have the power to dictate your own success.”

In this webinar Dr. Studin will discuss:

1. What to do with your current patients
2. Web based solutions and paper solutions
3. Documentation and coding
3. What to do with your time
4. Paying your staff
5. Finances
6. Prepare for Opening Day



Course Instructor

Mark Studin, DC Mark Studin, DC

Dr. Mark Studin has been a chiropractor since 1981, graduating from New York Chiropractic College. As a practicing chiropractor Dr. Studin treated upwards of 650 patients per week for many years, initially as a family practitioner, then primarily in the field of person injury, trauma and spine care. Dr. Studin is the clinical director of the Academy of Chiropractic, an organization dedicated to the expansion and vision of chiropractic graduate education worldwide working to attain the goal of 95% of the public accessing chiropractic care as clinically indicated. Dr. Studin is also the past Executive Director and co-founder of the New York Chiropractic Council and the past Chairman of the Board of the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals. As a result of his organizational experiences, he was instrumental in helping guide pro-chiropractic legislation and was responsible for creating many of the largest chiropractic public events ever held, worldwide. This background helped in understanding how state regulatory agencies function with professionals and also how to bring the chiropractic message to the masses. With extensive knowledge in Spinal Biomechanical Engineering through formal education, the legal profession has sought Dr. Studin's advice, and through the years, he has become expert in working in the field of personal injury and crash metrics.

Coronavirus Chiropractic Practice Strategy