Cervical Lordosis Disc CBP® NP#36, Cervicogenic Dizziness CBP® NP 37

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Cervical Lordosis Disc CBP® NP#36 The addition of the cervical denneroll orthotic device to a multi-modal physical therapy intervention program was found to improve the cervical lordotic curvature by an average of 13 degrees and improve anterior head translation by 12 mm.

Cervicogenic Dizziness CBP® NP 37 A breakthrough randomized trial was conducted at Cairo University in Egypt and co-authored by CBP NonProfit President Dr. Deed Harrison, DC. The Cairo University team was led by Professor Ibrahin Moustafa, PT, PhD and included collaborating author Professor Aliaa Diab PT, PhD. Clinical features: The study investigated 72 patients (47 males) aged 40-55 years with chronic pain and disability with a primary complaint and diagnosis of cervicogenic dizziness. The short (10-week) and long term (1-year) outcomes of neck pain, dizziness severity and frequency, and cervical positioning sense were assessed in the project.

Course Instructor

Deed Harrison, DC Deed Harrison, DC

Deed E. Harrison, D.C., graduated from Life-West Chiropractic College in 1996. Dr. Harrison has developed and researched original spinal rehabilitation procedures and has lectured to thousands of Chiropractors in over 700 educational conferences around the world. He has authored approximately 160 peer-reviewed spine related publications, 7 spine textbooks, and numerous conference proceedings. He is a highly respected chiropractic researcher, educator, and authority in today’s profession. Dr. Harrison is / has been a manuscript reviewer for numerous peer-reviewed Spine journals including: Spine, Clinical Biomechanics, Clinical Anatomy, Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, the European Spine Journal, BMC Complimentary Alternative Medicine, and BMC Musculo-Skeletal Disorders. Dr. Harrison is a past member to the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine (ISSLS), is a former International Chiropractors Association’s (ICA) Nevada State Assembly Representative member; and is the acting Chair of the PCCRP Chiropractic Radiography Guidelines. He formerly held a position on the Chiropractic Physicians Board of Nevada and is a life time member of the ICA. Currently, Dr. Harrison is the President / CEO of Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®) Technique & Seminars, is the President of CBP NonProfit, Inc. – a spinal research foundation, and is the Clinical Director of the Ideal Spine Health Center in Eagle, ID, USA.

Cervical Lordosis Disc CBP® NP#36, Cervicogenic Dizziness CBP® NP 37