An Introduction to a Brain Based Musculoskeletal Approach

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Lesson Plan

In this webinar, participants will be introduced to a brain based approach towards musculoskeletal dysfunction. While everyone is different, those with pain often demonstrate numerous consistencies. Understanding how sensory integration affects quality of movement can assist in creating strategies to improve overall function. This webinar will discuss differentiating between soft tissue, joint or sensory issues while simultaneously providing strategies for brain based assessments.

Learning Objectives:

– Discuss the fundamentals of intervention, and why they are arranged in a specific order.
– Describe the importance of central sensory integration and its relevance to movement quality.
– Name strategies to facilitate improved central sensory integration.
– Recognize the importance of the isolated integrated spectrum of movement.
– Implement strategies to engage the nervous system in order to improve motor output.

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Target Audience: Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapy, Doctor of Chiropractic, Occupational Therapy

Prerequisite: None
Instructional Level: Intermediate
Disclosure: Adam Wolf has two books published on Amazon. No financial relationship to disclose.
This seminar does not focus on any product or service.

Course Outline:

(1 hour) A quiz is provided at the end of the seminar

Introduction, outline – 5 min
The role of the brain and relationship to rehab – 5 min
Fundamentals of Intervention – 7 min
Integrated Movement, drivers – 5 min
Motion vs. Position – 5 min
Capacities, higher level integration – 5 min
Vestibular System – 5 min
The Gaze System – 5 min
Assessments (Goggles, B-Tracks, Romberg/Tandem Romberg test) – 5 min
Summative Results, where are deficits – 11 min

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Webinar Recording

Course Instructor

Adam Wolf, PT Adam Wolf, PT

Adam is a clinician, author, and educator. His professional credentials include Licensure in Physical Therapy (IL) and Massage Therapy (IL), Fellow of Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute), Level III Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) practitioner, Enhance Running Technician, & Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) practitioner. His professional career spans nearly two decades and includes clinical, management, consulting, education, performance/strength and conditioning, as well as ownership roles. His professional interests lie in a deeper understanding of human movement combined with manual medicine, and creating innovative therapy and business paradigms that facilitate the growth of his patients and colleagues. Adam presents internationally to fitness and rehabilitation professionals and is co-owner of REAL pt, located in Chicago, and is the author of the recently released book, REAL Movement: Perspective on Integrated Motion & Motor Control.

An Introduction to a Brain Based Musculoskeletal Approach