Weight Training for the Diaphragm – Way more than just belly breathing! – Dr. Nick Studholme

This course is a highly practical and integrative approach to evaluation and treatment of low back pain and neck pain through the lens of breathing and muscle physiology. The course will span instruction in respiratory physiology and how to train the diaphragm like a muscle. We discuss several workouts for endurance, speed, strength and power utilizing the In/EX (Spirotiger) .

Learning Objectives:
– Demonstrate several ways to quantify respiratory function.
– Discuss the link between Breathing and Chronic Low back pain.
– Outline the benefits of Breathing for Neck and Thoracic spine pain.
– Discuss the impact of Breath training on general health.
– Share training strategies for the diaphragm.
– Perform Manual resets supine and lateral.
– Recognize Neural reflex points.
– Restate How do know you have a liver issue.

* This webinar is intended for Healthcare Professionals. 

About the Presenter:

Dr. Studholme specializes in treating chronic pain, sports-related injuries, and analyzing and improving running form and technique.

He is one of only a few chiropractors in the US who is a certified AMIT practitioner, a GIFT fellow, FNOR practitioner and has the one of the only  Noraxon Center of Excellence Biomechanic Performance Lab in the country.

Dr. Studholme works regularly with EPL, MLS, NHL players, and many of the top triathletes in the world, including Olympic medalists and Ironman Kona winners. He is also the chiropractic consultant for the University of Denver Sports and Athletics Program.

Dr. Studholme regularly teaches continuing education seminars such as FNOR, Dynamic Tape, and Noraxon. In 2011, Dr. Studholme helped co-found SparkMotion, a motion capture and analysis application for the iPad. SparkMotion is the current gold standard in clinical motion capture technology and is currently used by the United States Olympic Training Centers and professional teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB, as well as colleges around the nation. Dr. Studholme has been practicing in the Denver/Boulder area since 2000.