Free Webinar – Tuesday, October 12th at 10:00 am PST

LumboPelvoFemoral Complex: The Mobility Command Center of the Body – Dr. Jason Amstutz

The bones are all connected via ligaments, discs, capsules, synovial fluid, fibrocartilage etc. to name a few. All of which are FASCIA! Fascia is NOT just the “fuzzy stuff” or the covering of the muscles (aponeurosis). It includes all of the various composites of fibers, water and extracellular matrix.

The LumboPelvoFemoral (LPF) complex is the “mobility and fluidity” command center for the entire body, but most immediately, the function of the lumbar spine, hip and sacroiliacs/pubis. The pelvis is 1/2 of each hip joint, the ilia are firmly attached to L4 and L5 (via the ilio-lumbar ligaments) and more globally the pelvis acts as a connecting rod between the lumbar and femor. To ignore this relationship may be limiting the performance and function of your athletes and patients.

Learning Objectives:
– Conduct a deep dive into the relational anatomy of the LPF complex.
– Review the LPF importance to the tensegrity of the human form.
– Discuss fascia: more than just the aponeurosis!
– Describe how to maximize the Sacro Iliac Joint for the health / performance of the lower lumbar and hips.
– Observe how to decompress SIJs and lumbar spine.
– List exercises to address the LPF.

* This webinar is intended for Healthcare Professionals. PLEASE READ: If you are unable to join us Live, be sure to register and you will receive a link to the recording when it is available.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Jason Amstutz has been teaching the intricacies of fascia and tensegrity in the clinical setting for 14 years. His extensive rehabilitative work with professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, PGA, LPGA, MLB, and NBA has stemmed from these revolutionary concepts. His complex understanding of the properties and anatomy of fascia and how it relates specifically to PFS will improve your practice and patient outcomes.