Current Status of Regenerative Medicine for Cartilage Regeneration – Dr. Jeffrey Gross

Current Status of Regenerative Medicine for Cartilage Regeneration

This Webinar focuses on the cutting edge and latest regenerative and stem cell based cartilage regeneration techniques available now in the U.S.  The participant will learn or be refreshed on the biological basis of joint degeneration and its logical treatment using regenerative biologics including stem cells and exosomes.  Clinical studies will be discussed and case examples will be provided.

This webinar is valuable for any professional who deals with patients with spinal and joint complaints, degenerative “diseases” and those who desire to avoid surgery and maintain function.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the biological foundation of joint degeneration and most logical approach to treatment.
  • Define the latest in regenerative medicine to increase the number of treatment options for patients suffering from painful spinal and joint degeneration.
  • Learn the myths of stem cell based treatments in the U.S.

Free Live Webinar – Join us Tuesday, June 11th 10am PST


About the Presenter 

Dr. Jeffrey Gross

Jeffrey D Gross, MD is a biomechanical spine fellowship trained neurological surgeon.  He was the first such specialist in Orange County, California, and currently practices in Southern Nevada, and California.  Areas of interest in his practice include minimally invasive surgery, motion preservation surgery, regenerative/stem cell medicine, and other non-surgical treatment.  He is considered one of the best spinal pain diagnostician’s West of the Mississippi and has helped thousands of patients to avoid surgery, and save wasted health care dollars.   Dr. Jeffrey D. Gross runs a cutting edge practice of neurological and structural spine diagnoses and care.  He has been performing remote telemedicine consultations well before the Covid-19 era.