Beyond the Rotator Cuff: Evolution of Shoulder Training & Health – Josh Henkin

Beyond the Rotator Cuff: Evolution of Shoulder Training & Health

Not only is shoulder pain one of the most common injuries, but studies have found that on average 50% of people with shoulder pain complain of pain 6 months after even seeing their doctor! Many of our ways of looking at shoulder issues are still stuck in examining things like rotator cuffs, serratus anterior muscles, and hyper focusing on the shoulder itself. This shows how shortsighted our efforts have been to really identify the true issues of shoulder dysfunction.

In this webinar, Physical Therapist Jessica Bento and strength coach Josh Henkin will provide the most current research on the real culprits of shoulder issues. Once the true problem is understood, they will cover more effective strategies to improve shoulder health and performance. Please join us for this special event!

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover why shoulder issues are typically a byproduct of dysfunction in other areas of the body.
  • Understand why focusing on individual muscles of the shoulder will impede your results.
  • Learn how the literature tells us that the shoulder is only as strong as the kinetic chain it works with.
  • Apply the science of functional movement to develop more mobile and resilient shoulders.
  • Identify the most common errors in developing shoulder strength and resilience.

* This webinar is intended for Healthcare Professionals. 

About the Presenter 

Josh Henkin

Josh Henkin has a degree in Exercise Science and has been a certified strength and conditioning specialist for the past 30 years. For over a decade Josh ran his own personal training facility in Scottsdale, Arizona and during that time he began presenting on the topic of functional fitness and corrective exercise. It was while Josh was leading his facility that he also began to form his Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system (DVRT) and Ultimate Sandbag. The system and tool that Josh created was based off a desire to help his clients learn the most efficient and effective means for teaching all qualities of functional movement, strength, and resilience.

Since 2005 Josh has taught at almost every industry national conference including, NSCA National Conference, NASM, NSCA-TSAC, CSCCA, Perform Better, IDEA, DCAC, AFPA, and others. He has also written and been featured in over a dozen of national publications including Men’s/Women’s Health, Shape, Muscle & Fitness, The Crossfit Journal, Runner’s World, The Wall Street Journal and more.

Due to his success in helping reduce injuries and increasing fitness performance, Josh has been commissioned by the U.S Army Special Forces to help develop programs for their “Selection” program and his DVRT program is a staple in the U.S. Marines HITT program (high intensity tactical training). He has also done extensive work with fire and police departments, U.S. Border Patrol, EXOS, as well as hospital wellness programs and Division I athletic training teams.

Josh’s passion lies in helping coaches see how they can create success and results for clients in ways they never saw possible. The results of the concepts that Josh’s teaches has him to lead educational programs in over 13 different counties around the globe his program and make an impact upon therapist, fitness professionals, and strength coaches alike. His work has been employed from top level performance programs to rehabilitation and wellness programs.