Advanced Resistance Band Training and Rehab Concepts – Kayezen Educational Team Instructor TBD

Advanced Resistance Band Training and Rehab Concepts

In this webinar, Kayezen and its high level education Team of Dr’s and Trainers will present advanced resistance exercise concepts for working with athletes and clients in a gym or rehab facility.

The team will discuss how to apply multi-planar resistance to make improvements in acceleration, top speed, change of direction, jumping, throwing, kicking, swinging. They will put the pieces together into a training program with progressions and adaptations that you can apply immediately in your practice. This will be relevant to health and fitness professionals (PT, DC, AT, S&C, CPT) who work with everyday athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify joint, tissue, and mechanoreceptor requirements during common athletic movements
  2. Apply multi-planar resistance to simultaneously strengthen targeted areas and integrate function
  3. Add threshold training progressions to develop athletic movement transitions
  4. Discuss concepts concerning connective tissue adaptations to various loads and durations 5. Understand Programming Variables Based on The Concepts Presented to Enhance Outcomes

* This webinar is intended for Healthcare Professionals. 

About the Presenter and our Webinar Sponsor KAYEZEN VECTOR:

Kayezen Educational Team – Instructor TBD

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