Adaptive Nutrition and Movement Expression: Improve Rehab & Performance Outcomes – Matt Cooper

Adaptive Nutrition and Movement Expression: Improve Rehab & Performance Outcomes

In this presentation, we explore the role of nutrition in rehabilitation and how it relates to the current sports injury epidemic.  Join us as we dive into specific topics centered around nutrition’s role in movement expressions, how diet can help create a more (or less) robust physiological environment which can contribute to injury, as well as how this slots into a bigger picture bioenergetic view of health and performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss if there is a relationship between the sports injury epidemic and society’s declining health?
  • Demonstrate how we use this to better inform our rehab and performance decision making?
  • Discuss the relationship between diet and movement expressions
  • Recall Nutrition and Injuries: Basics of what NOT TO DO
  • Recall Nutrition and Injuries: Basics of what TO DO

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About the Presenter 
Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper is a nutrition consultant, strength & conditioning coach, rehab specialist, researcher, and author in the sports performance space.  He works with both professional and developing athletes while also serving as a mentor to other coaches & practitioners.  He is the author of Adaptive Nutrition, where he presents a bioenergetic model of sports nutrition and explores the relationship between the sports injury epidemic & society’s declining health.