From Rehab to Biohacking: Improve Health and Human Performance – Dr. Jeffery Tucker

When you think of helping your patients through acute injuries, chronic pain, life challenges, and creating a ‘more youthful you’ for optimal aging, what comes to mind? Other than your hands-on care, do you have a strategy to evaluate your patient’s current biomarkers for healthy aging, and do you know what biohacking is all about? Dr. Tucker will teach you the top free biohacking strategies that allow you to be an active participant in your patient’s pre-emptive healthy aging process. Be a stronger influence on your patients longevity, and how they’ll do in life in their later years. This course will teach you specific recommendations so your patients can start right now to age better, and more powerfully.

‘What is Biohacking?’ It is personal optimization. Terms such as Anti-aging, Regenerative medicine, Performance optimization, Aesthetics, Integrative medicine, Metabolic medicine, Nutritional medicine, Holistic practice are blending together into a new specialty. Patients want to know how to optimize health using nature, science + technology from the health, fitness + medical worlds. This lecture focuses on mind, body, sleep, diet, stress, environment, and longevity. Come learn the fundamentals of biohacking.

Learning Objectives:

– Learn about the evolution of Biohacking
– Learn how a biohack is carried out to enhance our abilities, specific skills, overall health, or well-being.
– Help your patient figure out “What do you want to influence with biohacks?” (Exercise, diet, hormones, activity, etc.)
– How to identify potential biohacks with blood work and other self-tests.
– Explain the concept of self-experimentation for biomechanical biohacking.
– Help the patient find a clinical endpoint. Figure out how to measure and track these values before, during and after the biohack.

* This webinar is intended for Healthcare Professionals.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, current president of the ACA Rehabilitation Council, is becoming known as the “Biohack doctor.” He is an expert on non-invasive musculoskeletal interventions particularly for sports medicine and chronic pain patient care. He uses the available science and technology for performance enhancement, pre-emptive strategies for injury prevention and healthy aging, and he is well known for designing exercise programs for spinal and extremity injuries.

He has been in continuous private practice for over 40 years in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of the Southern California University of Health Sciences. Dr. Tucker is a board-certified Diplomate in Rehabilitation. He completed post-graduate training in nutrition and soft tissue therapies. He is the author of over 100 articles printed in Dynamic ChiropracticChiropractic Economics and The American Chiropractor magazines.